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When I publish a WP7 app. to the marketplace do I have to code something for the trial version of the app. ? I've seen that each app. in the marketplace that isn't free has a trial version. Does MS and the marketplace handle this or I should deliver a trial version of the app too ?

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You have to decide what functionality is available in the trial version, but the marketplace manages most of the process for you.

See the MSDN "Creating Trial Applications" pages for more information.

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You can use IsTrial to implement trial only features.

See here

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You can add check for trial code to your app using:

        Microsoft.Phone.Marketplace.LicenseInformation license = new Microsoft.Phone.Marketplace.LicenseInformation();
        var isTrial = license.IsTrial();

Note - Microsoft ask you to not call this frequently - so best to call it once and cache the result.

You can then use the isTrial variable to turn features on/off.

When you can want to send your users back to the Marketplace for the full purchase you can then use:

    var task = new Microsoft.Phone.Tasks.MarketplaceDetailTask();

Then the only remaining thing to do is to check the "Trial supported" checkbox when you upload to the Marketplace.

Also some warnings

  • the current AppHub reporting only gives limited feedback on Trial vs Full purchasing - e.g. it's impossible to work out how many people have upgraded. So it might be worth adding your own analytics for this type of thing.
  • there have been some developers who have suggested that providing Trial apps can lead to poor ratings - since Trial users can slam the Trial-limited functionality - and their reviews are shown in amongst the full user reviews.
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