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here's my query:

  "type":   "/tv/tv_series_episode",
  "series": "The Simpsons",
  "guest_stars": [{
    "actor": {
      "/common/topic/article": [{
        "id":       null,
        "optional": true,
        "limit":    3
      "name": null

Freebase is returning an id for the article such as: id: "/m/0sw7x", how would I print this ID. I've read that you have to use a "trans" service but I'm not exactly sure how to do this...

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The trans service is actually pretty simple to use. You just append that ID to the end of a GET request and it sends back the article content like this:


I gave a more detailed explanation to a similar question here.

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Or you can fetch the article directly with MQL as detailed in my answer to the question narphorium's pointed at.

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