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I have installed Resque in Rails 3 using this tutorial.

The problem is when I'm trying to use the Resque web interface. When I go to {localhost}/resque/ , the browser is getting redirected to {localhost}/resque/resque/overview/true/false which essentially does not exist. However {localhost}/resque/overview seems to open up the correct interface, although has broken links. (Like clicking on stats again redirects me to {localhost}/resque/resque/stats/resque/true/false, which is again non-existant)

Here is my file:

# This file is used by Rack-based servers to start the application.

require ::File.expand_path('../config/environment',  __FILE__)

require 'resque/server'
require 'logger'

# Set the AUTH env variable to your basic auth password to protect Resque.
AUTH_PASSWORD = 'secret'
  Resque::Server.use Rack::Auth::Basic do |username, password|
    password == AUTH_PASSWORD 

run \
  "/"       => Marina::Application,
  "/resque" =>
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It seems that it's a problem with Sinatra version 1.2.0. Using Sinatra 1.1.3 works fine. Details on this Resque open issue:

From the issue description:

When I go to "/resque" route it redirects to "/resque/resque/overview/true/false" and fail with 404 Sinatra error page.

Add sinatra 1.1.3 to Gemfile, run "bundle update sinatra" and voila:

As I'm new to Ruby and don't know yet what is a Gemfile :), I forced the installation of Sinatra 1.1.3 and it worked like a charm:

$ gem uninstall sinatra
$ gem install sinatra -v 1.1.3

Regards, Deluan.

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