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My english is not the best so i'am sorry of that. I want to build my own filesystem using fuse. Is it possible to do this project in Eclipse? I have some problems when try to do it. I've added pkg-config fuse --cflags --libs to "Compiler invocation arguments" but it didn't help. Please help, Cris

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I didn't write my project in Eclipse, but i found useful way to debug projects in fuse. For details see above link:


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Go to Project Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Settings -> Tool Settings and try adding `pkg-config fuse --cflags` to the "Other flags" edit box in the GCC C++ Compiler as well as the GCC C Compiler Miscellaneous. Make sure not to forget the ` backticks!

In the Linker Miscellanous section you should then add `pkg-config fuse --libs`.

I didn't try this but I hope this works.

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