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i have use AspxGridView which has FilterRow property. FilterRow property is working good in LinqServerMode,LinqDataSource etc. it means that:

if i type filter control, filterRow propert works fine

BUT i don't coding above! i have done that like below:

public class MyClass
      void GetData()

 // dosomething

void FillGrid()

    MyAspxGridView.DataSource = new MyClass().GetData();

Your FilterRow's Autofilling property is not working! i think that this method ALL TIME open connection. How to get data thping filter with My FillGrid Method....

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To resolve this problem, you should call the FillGrid method within the Page_Init method. For more details, please refer to the Why might paging (sorting, grouping, filtering) not work in the ASPxGridView? article.

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