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What is the best way to programmatically restore and give focus to a third-party application (say, GoogleTalk or Twhirl) running in the system tray? I am writing my utility in C#, but I obviously have no control over the third-party application.

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Use something like FindWindow /FindWindowEx to find the hidden window and get its window handle and then call ShowWindow ( handle, SW_NORMAL) to unhide it.

Use a tool like Spy++ (can be found in the visual studio tools menu) to find the parameters which can be passed on to FindWindow to locate the desired window.

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What if the hidden window has a Handle=0? – hawbsl Jan 6 '10 at 19:09
AFAIK a NULL handle represents an invalid HANDLE...FindWindow returns NULL when it fails in finding the specified window. – Sandeep Datta Jan 7 '10 at 19:18

Use an API call to send mouse click events to the system tray? Google WM_SENDMSG SendMessage Win32 API for a starting point

There's also another API call for setting focus once the window's back up.

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