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I'm using the following Code with the twitter4J library to retrieve all tweets of my followers:

friendsIDs = TwitterConnectionManager.getTwitter().getFriendsIDs().getIDs();
twitterStream = twitterStreamFactory.getOAuthAuthorizedInstance(getTwitterAccessToken());
twitterStream.filter(new FilterQuery(friendIDs));

This provides me with all tweets that are from one of my friends but also tweets that contain @username of one of my friends. If I'm following an account like Twitter I get all Tweets containing @Twitter. I'm filtering this tweets after they arrive but they create a lot of unneeded data and CPU usage and since I use this code on a mobile device I would like to create a filter that gives me only the tweets that appear in my timeline.

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I don't think this is possible. Take a look at the docs for the filter endpoint here:


Maybe you could put an app-server between your mobile apps and the twitter api that does the filtering?

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