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I don't know whether it is possible or not.Is there any way to change the shape of jframe into circle

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possible duplicate of Swing circular JFrame –  Jigar Joshi Mar 10 '11 at 10:18
You should try to Google some keywords. This is a lesson: "Google is your best friend" (tinyurl.com/5ssmucf) –  Martijn Courteaux Mar 10 '11 at 12:15

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Essentially what you have to do is make the outer part of your JFrame rendered surface transparent and then draw your own custom shape in the middle.

This will get you started:


And this is a finished implementation:


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@vijesh: You see: First Google hit! –  Martijn Courteaux Mar 10 '11 at 12:17
@Martijn Indeed. "I feel lucky". This time google actually did a good job finding what I needed; most of the time it just finds what is popular (or worse: established). –  Bernd Elkemann Mar 10 '11 at 12:24

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