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I'm running my event loop in a thread that is created on attaching to target process. What I did before to detach was simply calling a function that would clear the debug and call DebugSetProcessKillOnExit etc. but getting bad return values I figured they must be called from the thread that I created. So I did, no errors now but the target process simply exits when I exit/detach myself.

At the moment I check for a bool in the event loop to check if I should detach (any better solutions?) and then do the following:

ContinueDebugEvent(pEng->pId, pEng->tId, DBG_CONTINUE); 

return 0;

ClearHardwareBreakpoints suspends the target thread, calls GetThreadContext with CONTEXT_DEBUG_REGISTERS and removes the debug registers with SetThreadContext and resuming the thread.

So, as I said, the problem is that the debugged process exits with my process as well, as if the detaching did not work.

Any help is appreciated.

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Break it down to the smallest possible problem. Comment out things then slowly add them back until the issue occurs. At least that will help narrow it down. – Luke Mar 10 '11 at 14:36

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I found out the error: I was exiting my program before the thread had done its part (detaching).

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