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HI Currently i'm using wp 3.05, i add following code {{wp-favorite-posts}} to page it working fine

while i place the code in my user dashboard i just shown the code as text which is {{wp-favorite-posts}}

what i already do troubleshoot, reactive this plugin.

Question: how to place {{wp-favorite-posts}}in my user Theme dashboard

Appreciate for any suggestion. thank you in advanced

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You can use the section "Tools - Managing your Blog" on the dashboard and add your favorite posts. Refer to the WordPress codex at

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HI Pali, Thank you for your suggestion. Sorry to confuse you. actually the dashboard i mentioned was my "themes dashboard" not admin dashboard. thank you. –  Anthony Mar 10 '11 at 14:04

The admin side of Wordpress doesn't parse tags much. If you want to include a plugins functionality into your theme, you'll have to call that plugins functions directly ... or change the plugin's code to also parse the admin content.

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HI Piotr , actually i would like to add following code in my "dashboard page template" {{wp-favorite-posts}} but after add the code in my dashboard page template it just appear as text "{{wp-favorite-posts}}" not function. do you have any idea on how to add {{wp-favorite-posts}} to my dashboard. thank you in advanced –  Anthony Mar 11 '11 at 5:31

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