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im generating a function where it needs to set easy and fast a signature. I'm writing the signature in an canvas field. I use jQuery for it, but the refresh rate of mousemove coordinates is not fast enough. What happens is that if you write your signature to fast, you see some white spaces between writed pixels.

How can I set the refresh speed of the mousemove faster?


    ctx.fillRect(e.pageX - size, e.pageY - size, size, size);

    $("#pagex").html(e.pageX - size);
    $("#pagey").html(e.pageY - size);

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You can't. The mousemove events are generated by the browser, and thus you are receiving them as fast as the browser is generating them.

The browser is not obliged to generate the events at any given rate (either by pixels moved, or by time elapsed): if you move the mouse quickly, you will see that a "jump" in coordinates is reported, as the browser is reporting "the mouse has moved, and it is now here", not "...and went through these pixels". In fact, a browser on a slow computer might generate fewer mousemove events, lest the page slow down to a crawl.

What you could do is to connect successive positions from mousemove events with a straight line - this will obviously not get you any more precision, but it may mitigate the impact.

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the mousemove event fired when your mouse moved minimum one pixel.

you can't refresh faster as you move your mouse. bt you can create multiple threads for upate the canvas

for example:

function refresh() {
    //do something funny
    x = window.event.pageX;
    y = window.event.pageY;

$("#xx").mousemove(function() {

that casuses to call the function three times in a simple mousemove event. but this may slow the browser

i think the best way to call your refresh function always.

for example

//using refresh function 
function runUpdateThread() {

this makes to refresh the coordinates always, even if you dontmove your mouse. i think this is the best solution

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This is not possible, because there's not a faster frequence on the mousemove. If I call a element with mousemove, the x and y will not be change before mousemove updates. –  Vincent Mar 10 '11 at 11:03
the x and y is always updated. you could catch the window.event.pageX instead og e.pageX –  Gergely Fehérvári Mar 10 '11 at 11:13
Firefox doesn't implement window.event last time I checked. That was an invention of Internet Explorer. –  Ricardo Tomasi Oct 13 '11 at 5:16
Chrome does not implement window.event as well. The idea is nice but... –  alekwisnia Sep 13 '13 at 12:28

You need to make your handler faster.

Browsers can drop events if a handler for that event is still running, so you need to get out of the mousemove handler asap. You could try to optimise the code there or defer work till after the mouse movement is complete. Drawing is probably the slowest thing you are doing, so you could store the mouse movements in memory and draw later. This would not update the display until drawing had finished but it would otherwise work better.

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You can fire your own event based on timer, probably a bad idea but better then nothing if you really need it.

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