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QUESTION - How do I handle subview resizing in a UITableViewCell going in & out of EDIT MODE?

BACKGROUND - I've worked out how to size my UiLabels & UITableViewCell based around the text & font used. I'm currently doign this in cellForRowAtIndexPath (I'm programmatically creating UILabels and adding as subviews to the existing contentView)

ASPECTS - So I'm hoping the answer would clear up things for me including:

  1. Is the approach based around the fact one has to manually re-determine subview (e.g. UILabel) positioning (e.g. x/y/height/width) each time the UITableView goes into and out of edit mode?

  2. If YES - which methods would one normally do this in? e.g. cellForRowAtIndexPath?

  3. If YES - in terms of catering for EDIT mode can one just assume a standard (non-changing) reduction amount (in pixcels) for the edit icons that would appear?

  4. If NO - What is the approach here then? use of scaling somehow? which attributes are requried to be set to allow this to happen automatically


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Got an answer to it here in fact.

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The link does not work ... – Raspu Aug 20 '13 at 7:32

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