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I've just manually completed a sitemap for my dreamweaver 8 website. The first 2 pages are fine, with all the links landing just at the spot I want them to. However, on the 3rd page, they land on the spot, but as soon as the page is fully loaded, it jumps off indiscriminately to another part of the page? This is only a problem once it is loaded onto the server for anyone to access. However, all is fine locally, where only, "MyThirdPage.htm#video" is applied to the link, but once on the server, I add the full url http://www.example.com/MyThirdPage.htm#video. Again, all is fine on the first 2 pages on the server, and I'm using the same method

After removing code from the body tag, it helped only partially. However, now the link lands on the next named anchor instead, almost as catch-up. So, while it may briefly land on its target, it still shoots onto the previous or next one. Please help!!

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Can you provide some of your code for us to see? –  Mike B Mar 10 '11 at 11:44

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You probably have some externally loaded content of unknown dimensions appearing before your link target.

Since it isn't local, the browser can't load the data to calculate the size as quickly. So it jumps to the anchor, then loads more content above it, moving the anchor down.

Specify dimensions for your images, video, flash or whatever is being loaded.

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