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How can I generate entity (POJO) from database model using IntelliJ IDEA 10. I create "Data source" in IntelliJ but I have not any idea how can I generate the POJO.

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The steps are simple but I guess its difficult since you are used to the eclepse interface (I would feel the same way if I had to do it in Eclipse)

First you need tell intelliJ that you are using Hibernate (I guess you are if you need the orm pojo of the table)

  1. Go to "Project structure" (alt+ctrl+shift+s)
  2. In "Project settings" select "Modules"
  3. Press + and add the Hibernate facet in your module.

Now you have setup your hibernate configuration facet you can extract your pojos.

1. At your bottom right horizontal panel you will now see a tab called 
  "Persistence" (ιf you can't find Persistence tab you may show it by choosing View > Tool Windows > Persistence)
2. There you can right click on the hibernate icon named like your module
3. Go to "Generate Persistence Mapping"-"by database schema"
4. Now I guess you can find your way...
5. In general settings select the datasource that you want to use and now you 
   can see all the tables in your datasource object
6. Now you can do many things, add relationships with the + sign, change the
   name and type of the pojo's properties etc.
note: if you get an error and the "OK" is disabled its probably because the data
type that intelliJ found for your pojo is invalid. Just change it to the one
you need and you are ready to go!
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+1 for detailed answer –  Shwetanka Jul 24 '12 at 20:41
Also JPA facet can be used as well –  nahab Nov 20 '13 at 13:43
@zpontikas I dont get hibernate or jpa facet option in intellij idea 12.1.3. Do I need to do anything to get that ? –  Rips Apr 3 '14 at 12:42
22 votes and not an accepted answer. oh well :) –  zpontikas Jul 22 '14 at 8:49
Many thanks. All I can add: if you can't find Persistence tab or panel mentioned in step 1, you may show it by choosing View > Tool Windows > Persistence. –  Andrei Rykhalski Feb 2 at 11:14

It's done via Persistence Tool Window | Generate Persistence Mapping by Database Schema.

You can create fake JPA facet and then generate classes by database schema. Select to generate XML descriptors so that you can easily remove it later. Then you can remove the facet and JPA XML descriptors leaving the generated classes intact.

After that you will not need Persistence tool window. Just use Project View, Database tool window and SQL support.

In the next IDEA version we plan to simplify POJO generation for the projects that do not use JPA or Hibernate.

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