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How can i parse the following Json using DataContractJsonSerializer

{"Jack":{"accountId":407,"accountType":"TWITTER"}, "Mark":{"accountId":407,"accountType":"TWITTER"}, "John":{"accountId":407,"accountType":"TWITTER"}, "407":{"accountId":407,"accountType":"TWITTER"}


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Firstly you need to implement a class that represents this JSON data. Then you need to create an instance of the DataContractJsonSerializer, and then call the ReadObject method to perform the deserialization.

Although this post refers to .NET 3.5, I think it should still help you out on WP7.

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I also had a similar kind of an problem. I used nested Dictionaries. Something like this -

Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, object>>

Then I looped through the deserialised object to get the values.

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