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I have a WPF control embedded in a Windows Form, which works ok. But I have all my styles for the WPF project inside Themes/Generic.xaml. When I embed the WPF control inside a Windows Forms ElementHost control, these styles are not picked up.

Do I need to change the WPF view to explicitly include the styles in its Resources section, or should the generic.xaml file be picked up automatically still?

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Is Themes/Generic.xaml in a different assembly?

The problem is that the application is not finding the ResourceDictionary where the styles are defined.

What you can do is to create a static SharedDictionaryManager class like this one:

public static class SharedDictionaryManager
    private static ResourceDictionary _sharedDictionary;
    internal static ResourceDictionary SharedDictionary
            if (_sharedDictionary == null)
                System.Uri resourceLocater =
                    new System.Uri("/assembly;component/Themes/Generic.xaml",

                _sharedDictionary =

            return _sharedDictionary;

And when you create the HostControl you add the resource dictionary do the control:


If you have more than one resource dictionary you can have one property like this for each one or you can have a property that loads all the resource dictionaries and then merge all dictionaries.

Now, the style you need should be automatically picked.

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