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I have a simple question. I may be right but I want you people to ensure it since I am new at .NET.

StreamWriter SW = new StreamWriter(strFile);
SW.writeline("How are you?");

But in the middle, I don't want to save the data present in the SW variable, so what should I do? Should I use delete or detach?

Would reassigning memory to SW again cause any problems?

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The StreamWriter class writes directly to the file.
Once you call WriteLine, it's too late to go back.

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delete and detach do not undo changes. WriteLine writes directly to the file. You might be interested in using StringWriter for this purpose though.

StringWriter SW = new StringWriter();
SW.writeline("how r u");

if (commit == true)
    File.WriteAllText (strFile, SW.ToString());
// else simply discard SW

Out of curiosity, why you would want to write something and then later discard it?

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