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Hi I have a the following scenario

Table - Items
    id int (PK),
    name varchar(100)

Table - Category
    id int (PK),
    name varchar(100)

Table - Category_item
    category_id int (FK),
    item_id int (FK)

I'm using Asp.Net MVC and Entitydatamodel. In the view I have a dropdown list to show the categories and a check boxes to display item.

I want to insert into the Table - Category_item when i select the category and curresponding items. How can i do it? How can I pass the values from the view to the controller?

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The anwser is that it depends. But the general case is (RAZOR)

@Html.DropDownList(category, db.Categories.Select(cat => new SelectListItem() {Text = cat.Name, Value = cat.Id, Selected = (false/true) }).ToList());

You can use Html.DropDownListFor and then the Save action will already be bounded with correct value. 'db' is the model context.

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For Items I cant use dropdown because it is a one - many relation. I'm using checkbox for showing items. How can i get those values in the view? –  Mukesh Mar 10 '11 at 13:25
In that case you should use Html.CheckBox("categories", [true/false] , new { value = category.id}) for each category and on the controller side have a parameter named "categories" of type IList<[idtype]> Where idtype is the type of the id e.g. int. –  Sonia Mar 10 '11 at 16:02

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