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Im trying to build a dynamic menu with the ability to "roll out" the deeper into the structure you get! Something along the lines of http://pioz.github.com/jquery-tree/index.html# (I have been struggling with that for quiet some time, i implemented it on www.koele-fryseskabe.dk but only the very first menu item works as intended, the rest snaps back as soon as you click the child)

So, any suggestions out there as of how to get something simular?

Thanks in advance

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do you check in php what menu item corresponds to the current page ?

it seems to me you dont...

its hard to say whats the problem , how about posting some php code..

and try not to link to off-SO resources without summarizing them...

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What part of the code do you want? The JS or the recursive build of the menu? –  Rasmus Mar 10 '11 at 14:20
btw, im using .htaccess to mask the dynamic URL, but its the working of the menu im trying to fix, as it is now, its just a more or less empty template which im trying to get to work –  Rasmus Mar 10 '11 at 14:28

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