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i use telerik grid in an mvc project. I have a 'complex' model that i don't want change and have a structure like this:


in telerik grid i want to show all the task with the name of the Contact...but the contact CAN be null: in this case telerik return (rightly) an error for nullreferenceException, how can avoid this and display an empty value in the column?

columns.Bound(p => p.Contact.FullName).Title("Contact").Width(250);

tnx at all

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You can do this by specifying the Template of the bound column:

columns.Bound(p => p.Contact.FullName)
       .Template(p => 
             <%= (p.Contact != null ? p.Contact.FullName : "") %>

Or you can use ClientTemplate:

columns.Bound(p => p.Contact.FullName)
       .ClientTemplate("<#= Contact? Contact.FullName : '' #>");
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i can't: i already use ClientTemplate –  PadovaBoy May 6 '11 at 12:24
You can use ClientTemplate too. I will modify my reply. –  Atanas Korchev May 6 '11 at 13:01

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