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I have microsoft access 2007 database, and I want to write a query to merge 2 tables in this database.

Table 1:

ID       color
1        red
2        orange
3        green
4        blue
5        purple
6        yellow

Table 2:

Name        Value
Table 1        27
Table 2        31
Table 3        65

The result should be Table 3:

ID       color       Value
1        red           27
2        orange        27
3        green         27
4        blue          27
5        purple        27
6        yellow        27


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Here is one possibility, others include sub queries, but i suspect you have oversimplified, because if you really wanted to update every record to a single value, you would do just that.

  UPDATE Table1, Table2 
  SET Table1.Value = Table2.Value 
  WHERE Table2.Name = "Table 1"

I hope that Name and Value are due to simplification, and are not real names.

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