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What is the data structure used by spreadsheets program like ms-excel?

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Are you interested in the means of storing the contents of the cells, or of storing and keeping track of the many cells, or both? –  dmckee Feb 8 '09 at 18:31

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Maybe, probably, a sparse matrix:


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While it is not exactly Excel, Open Office's Spreadsheet program is open source. It's a fairly large code base but nevertheless giving it a peek might give you a better understanding of how such an application is implemented:


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I got this question in an interview today.

The answer they were looking for (because I asked the interviewer at the end) was to implement a class structure that used multiple objects; formulas, references, and numerics.

Not much more detail to offer but suffice it to say that programs like google docs are much more interesting (to code) than they seem.

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I expect it to use many.

For example, an AST to recalculate formulas (see this question).

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Possibly a multi-dimensional array.

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That may have been the case for early spreadsheets with naive implementations that limited rows and columns to a quantity that could fit in memory, but it's doubtful any successful implementation would suffer such constraints as a 2D array would impose. The art is to give the feel of a 2D array without actually being a 2D array. –  DavidO Aug 2 at 15:36

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