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require 'active_support' # for Time.now.to_s(:db)
require 'user' # user.rb has DataMapper 'property :registered_at, DateTime'

p Time.now.to_s(:db)

ob = User.create(
    :id => 1, 
    :login => 'login',
    :registered_at => Time.now.to_s(:db)

p ob

I am getting result:

"2011-03-10 16:21:41"
#<User @id=1 @login="login" @registered_at=Thu, 10 Mar 2011 16:21:41 +0000>

But 'registered_at' value is not I've expected, what's the reason of this behavior?

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Datamapper handles probably re-parses the date into a proper Ruby object so you can use and manipulate it. You don't have to take care of the right date/time format for the DB, Datamapper will handle it for you.

You can also leave the .to_s(:db) out, as Datamapper will know what to do with it.

ob = User.create(
    :id => 1, 
    :login => 'login',
    :registered_at => Time.now
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DataMapper seems to be doesn't know how to manipulate this data format, because when I am doing p ob.save i am getting false, so there are warning because of data format, in my opinion. Only p ob.save! overrides warning and saves data into mysql table –  Bill Mar 10 '11 at 14:40
User.create already writes the user to the db. Calling ob.save is redundant as the object is already persisted and has not changed in the meantime. Look at this guide at the very bottom: datamapper.org/getting-started –  Wukerplank Mar 10 '11 at 14:57

You declared :registered_at property to be a DateTime hence DataMapper will always convert every non-DateTime value into a DateTime object. Why do you pass a string as a value?

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But what sould I pass? I just need to store DateTime value in row, nothing more –  Bill Mar 10 '11 at 14:52
Pass a DateTime object or a string that can be parsed by DateTime class. Instead of Time.now.to_s(:db) use DateTime.now –  solnic Mar 10 '11 at 15:00

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