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I am a new learner to C++. I have a text file, its contents like following:

Systemname    localtesthost
SystemIp      X.X.X.X
Systemowner   root

Now I want to extract the value of "Systemname", that is "localtesthost".

And I can extract the line containing "Systemname localtesthost", but I don't know how to extract the String "Systemname".

Below is my program need help:

const char* configInfoFile = "config_info";//the text file name
ifstream ifs(configInfoFile);
    string line;
    while(getline(ifs,line)) {
        if(line.length() > 0){
            int index = line.find("SystemName");
            if (index != -1)




Could any one show me how to extract the string "localtesthost"?

Many thanks!

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Here is an approach:

  1. create a std::istringstream using the line you just read in.
  2. read from the stream two std::string objects, key and value
  3. if the key matches what you are looking for, value should contain what you require.
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Nim, thanks to your method. It is much simple than I thought. Thanks! –  zhaojing Mar 11 '11 at 8:37
@zhaojing, you're welcome! –  Nim Mar 11 '11 at 9:26

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