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Hi I have 2 service contracts IService1 and IService2

I want different endpoints for each service contract also I want to use only basichttpbinding.

Suppose IService1 address is http://localhost:4040/MyApp/Service1.svc then

I want to access IService2 with address http://localhost:4040/MyApp/Service1.svc/service2 or with address other than IService1 address

Is it possible ?

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Are you hosting this in IIS ?? If so: IIS dictates your addresses - they're defined as


So if you want two separate addresses, you need two separate virtual directories....

Or: self-host, then you have full freedom of addresses!

If you self-host, you could definitely define a service (implementing both service interfaces in the same implementation class) that exposes two endpoints:

   <service name="YourNamespace.ServiceImplementationClass">
            <add baseAddress="http://localhost:4040/MyApp/Service1.svc" />
      <endpoint name="Service1"
          contract="YourNamespace.IService1" />
      <endpoint name="Service2"
          contract="YourNamespace.IService2" />

So your service 1 would be accessible at the base address defined (http://localhost:4040/MyApp/Service1.svc), while your service 2 would be at http://localhost:4040/MyApp/Service1.svc/Service2. Is that what you're looking for??

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