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I have a form that I want to search for anything containing what is entered into a textbox. Right now the search only picks up data that matches exactly (ie MDD), but I want it to capture anything containing the searched item automatically (ie *MDD*)

Ideally I would like a user to enter what they are searching for and get anything that contains that search.

The code I wrote (that partially works) is:


If Me.tbIni = "" Or IsNull(Me.tbIni) Then
    stCriteria = ""
        If InStr(1, Me.tbIni, "LIKE ") Then
        stCriteria = "CURQCDB.DT_ini '" & Me.tbIni & "'"
            stCriteria = "CURQCDB.DT_ini = '" & Me.tbIni & "'"

Help would be much appreciated.

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Just search for *MDD* instead of MDD

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Try the following instead. I also took the liberty of sanitizing the input a bit so that it properly handles double and single quotes:

If Me.tbIni = "" Or IsNull(Me.tbIni) Then
    stCriteria = ""
    stCriteria = "CURQCDB.DT_ini LIKE ""*" & Replace(Me.tbIni, """", """""") & "*"""
End If
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