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I know that the question has certainly be asked several times, but I can't find (understandable) responses to it.

I've to tables 'spots' & 'members' and a relation table 'spotmembers'.

In the zend framework, i'm using Zend_Db_Table but I don't manage to retrieve objects from my relationship in my requests.

Here are my classes :

class Model_DbTable_Member extends Zend_Db_Table {
protected $_name = 'members';
protected $_primary = 'id';
protected $_dependentTables = array('Model_DbTable_SpotMember');

class Model_DbTable_SpotMember extends Zend_Db_Table {
protected $_name = 'spotmembers';
protected $_primary = 'id';
protected $_referenceMap = array(
    'Spot' => array(
        'columns' => 'id_spot',
        'refTableClass' => 'Model_DbTable_Spot',
        'refColumns' => 'id'
    'Member' => array(
        'columns' => 'id_member',
        'refTableClass' => 'Model_DbTable_Member',
        'refColumns' => 'id'

I would like to make a request in order to retrieve Member objects related to a Spot object, any idea about how to do that ?


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You can try this for a simple relation OneToMany:

$Spot = new Model_DbTable_SpotMember();
$SpotDB = $Spot->find($id)->current();

$Members = $SpotDB->findParentModel_DbTable_Member();

For a relation ManyToMany, somethink like that:

$Members = $Spot->findModel_DbTable_MemberViaModel_DbTable_SpotMember('MemberName','MemberInfo');

All documentation, can be found here:

Example #9:

$bugsTable = new Bugs(); // Your "Spot"
$bugsRowset = $bugsTable->find(1234); // Loading "Spot" and retreive RowSet
$bug1234 = $bugsRowset->current(); // Retrieve

$productsRowset = $bug1234->findManyToManyRowset('Products', // Your "Members" table
                                             'BugsProducts', // YOur "relation" table
                                             'Bug'); // The crurent table "Spot"
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Fatal error: Call to undefined method Model_DbTable_SpotMember::findParentModel_DbTable_Member() ... I already catch this error when trying to use zend magical functions. Any idea ? – Cyril Mar 10 '11 at 18:21
Sorry, my fault... See the edited source and use the $SpotDB returned by find()->current() – Akarun Mar 10 '11 at 19:10
It works ! What if I want to get all members related ? cause this current() only catch the first row of the rowset. Thanks – Cyril Mar 10 '11 at 19:51
Normally, you have all "Members" in $Members... I just watch you ave a "ManyToMany" relation... My Example work for a relation "OneToMany". I'll putting more information in answer. – Akarun Mar 10 '11 at 23:10
Once again : Fatal error: Call to undefined method Model_DbTable_SpotMember::findModel_DbTable_MemberViaModel_DbTable_SpotMember(), I'm really not used to this kind of relationship management... any idea ? – Cyril Mar 11 '11 at 9:03

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