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in a numbers app table i have the following data

   A          B                     C                 D
user_id     login                user_id        login
2039        Abbott, Rachael                     Adams, Sue
110         Abbott, Shelby                      Adamson, Wendy
2910        Abraham, Binu                       Anderson, Daryl
121         Adams, Sue
122         Adamson, Anne
126         Adamson, Wendy

i am trying to write an applescript that will...

  1. iterate down logins in column D
  2. to find a matching login in column B
  3. take the value of the user_id in column A at the row where the match was found
  4. and place it into column C in the same row as the entry in column D
set dName to "correlationstudies.numbers"
set sName to "users"
set tName to "Table 1"
set login_row to 2
set login_w_id_row to 2

tell application "Numbers" to tell document dName to tell sheet sName to tell table tName
      set login to value of cell login_row of column 4
      if login = "" then exit repeat
      set login_w_id_row to 2

         set logincomp to value of cell login_w_id_row of column 2
         if logincomp = login then
            set value of cell login_row of column 3 to value of cell login_w_id_row of column 1
            exit repeat
         end if
         set login_w_id_row to login_w_id_row + 1
      end repeat
      set login_row to login_row + 1
   end repeat
end tell
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AppleScript may be superfluous for what you're trying to do. In the numbers documentation, take a look at the VLOOKUP function, which is passed a value to look up, a set of cells to look up in, and the column of the value to return. I got it to work only by swapping the order of the user_id and login columns, but once I put the login in column A and the user_id in column B, setting cell C1=VLOOKUP(D2, A2:B7, 2 ) returned 121 successfully.

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Thanks @Chuck. That is a great function. I will definitely use that in the future. In this case, i need to be able to delete the first two rows because there is so much data in the table and its eating up memory big time. If i can figure out how to copy and past the cell results without the formula, which you can do in Excel, then this method would definitely work next time i have to do this. – Jay Mar 13 '11 at 15:58
it seems that Excel's "paste special" is available in numbers as "paste values." No need to write a script in the future. Thanks. – Jay Mar 13 '11 at 16:06

Found the answers from a few other sites. Edited the code above in case someone else wants the code.

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