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I'm writing a simple program in C# which stores some data and then use simple queries to generate reports, ... .

the data are about a million records.

what's an efficient way to do this? should I use MsSql, MySql, ..., or there is a easier way to manage and use this amount of data?

UPDATE: actually by efficient I meant simple. I want my program to standalone if possible. using simple files for storing data, etc. but I don't want to create everything from scratch.


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The database platform is irrelevant. Make sure your database schema is designed well so that querying your data is efficient. – Bernard Mar 10 '11 at 16:21
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Probably either MS SQL Server or MySQL would be just fine. Both systems are used for commercial products and have a robust set of tools for something like that.

Look into SQL Express, which is a lite version of SQL Server. And it's free. SQL Server Express

There is also SQL Server Compact which you can actually embed into your application (no need for a server or installation).

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yeah, you are quite right. but I prefer not to use any 3rd party database Server so my program can works simply without any massive install. – MBZ Mar 10 '11 at 16:23
See my edit, I added SQL Compact. No massive install! :-) – richard Mar 10 '11 at 16:24
oh, thank you :) – MBZ Mar 10 '11 at 16:27

You definitely should use SQLite or Firebird if you want your program to be standalone and simple. Those databases are quite fast, also. From my experiences, SQLite is a word class standalone/embeddable database. I'd prefer it over SQLServer Compact edition and other candidates.

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Richard is correct, any of the main stream database engines will be sufficient. Since you're dealing with a lot of data, you'll want to consider adjusting your schema as needed for reporting, or create aggregate roll-up tables to make reports run faster. There's no reason to query old data over and over again when doing aggregate operations. Lastly, make sure you create the appropriate indexes on the columns you're filtering and ordering by.

Good Luck!

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That's a great "short list" of things to be mindful of when creating his db. – richard Mar 10 '11 at 16:28

I suggest using SQL Server Compact. It uses the microsoft stack so should be easy to use with C#. Also, since it is an embedded database it doesnt need a server to run on - it will run stand-alone.


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