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I just upgraded to Selenium 2 and having trouble simulating a keypress in firefox (maybe other browsers?). First of all, the new API, using IWebDrivers, does not provide a keypress funktion. I can acquire a ISelenium instance with the 1.0 API (WebDriverBackedSelenium) functions, however I receive an error when using this. E.g.

new WebDriverBackedSelenium(driver, TestServerUrl).KeyDownNative("27");


System.NotSupportedException : keyDownNative

The same is the case for KeyDown, KeyPress etc. Is this not supported in Selenium v2?

Thanks in advance!


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Ok so to future reader - I read some of ThoughtWorks documentation and the Selenium v2 API is not quite implemented yet.

So note to self - Big difference between v1 and v2 and v2 API not fully implemented.

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New discovery - e.g. use .SendKeys(Keys.ArrowDown) – jaspernygaard Apr 6 '11 at 11:51

To send key presses to an WebElement using Selenium 2 (i.e. to an input field) you can do the following:

// Retrieve the required WebElement object of interest //
WebElement myElement = getWebelement();

// send some chars
myElement.sendKeys("Some Test Text");

Also, to delete text from a WebElement (i.e. an input box) you could do the following:

String BACK_SPACE_UNICODE_CODE = "\u0008";

WebElement inputElement = getWebelement();
String currentValue = inputElement.getAttribute("value");

if (!"".equals(currentValue))
    for (int count=0;count< currentValue.length();count++)

Probably best to put this code within a function so it can be used throughout your tests.

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