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I am trying to get fluent 1.2 to work on a project that currently uses v1.1. However the existing join code no longer works. I specify a Join in the map but it never appears in the SQL.

I have a class hierarchy mapped which includes a join (see below). The application uses some legacy tables that cannot be changed. Alternatively I could rewrite the code so that the joined properties can be mapped with a reference. However this is not really valid as it produces a domain object that does not exist.

 public class IndividualMap : SubclassMap<Individual>
        public IndividualMap()
            Map(x => x.Title);

            Join("UserDefFields", x =>
                x.Map(y => y.MembershipEnquirySource, "Anl9");
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Did you find an answer to this? I'm still having the problem. –  Stu Jul 22 '11 at 15:59
I had to create another domain object and add it as a reference unfortunately. The benefits of upgrading were greater than this slight 'dirtying' on the domain –  Mark Aug 11 '11 at 8:57

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