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I've got a nice little shopping basket where if the user deletes an item, the slideup jquery function is called and is disappears. In the back ground, I'm removing it from the db with a call to a code igniter controller.

function delete_booking(id_booking, amount) {
    if (user_total == null || user_total == '') {
        var user_total = parseFloat(0);
        type: "POST",
        data: '',
        url: "/"+id_booking,
    var user_total = (parseFloat() - parseFloat() - parseFloat(user_total));


What I can't fathom, is when I update the user total: $('#booking_total') I need somehow to have the function remember the NEW total... I've googled 'remembering JavaScript var' and similar, but I can't find exactly what I need... My only other option is to do another call to the db with ajax to get the new total, but there MUST be a JS way to do this?

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If you are not navigating to a different page, you can store the value in a variable that is outside the function (whether just on the page in the global namespace or the within the module in which the function resides).

var total;
function delete_booking(...)
   total = user_total;
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+1, the keyword @Beertastic is looking for is "scope". –  Brad Christie Mar 10 '11 at 17:45
Also, he/she might consider putting this sort of information (and also maybe the functions that operate on it) in a globally defined object. Alternatively, one can also avoid polluting the global namespace by defining data in a closure. –  johusman Mar 10 '11 at 17:53

as you have said

I need somehow to have the function remember the NEW total

a function cant remember a value, while a variable can, to solve your problem do one the below


var finalTotal;
function delete_booking(...)
   //your more codes
   finalTotal = user_total;

now variable finalTotal hold the value


whenever you feel that you need to access the total read this way

var total=parseint($('#booking_total').html(),10) || 0;

But think method 1 is better than method 2

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Because I "hate" a global approach for this type of problem, here is a little closure which will do the job of "remembering" the value (although I'm not really sure what exactly should be saved...^^)

var delete_booking = (function() {
    var booking_total = $("#booking_total"),
        total_amount = parseFloat(booking_total.html()) || 1000; // what ever the value should be...

    return function(id, m) {
        $.ajax(/* ... */);

        total_amount -= m;
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