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I am using RestEasy to develop a REST server and using the mock dispatcher (org.jboss.resteasy.mockMockDispatcherFactory) for testing the service in my unit tests. My service requires digest authentication and I would to make that part of my testing.

Each of my services accepts a @Context SecurityContext securityContext parameter.

Is there any way is inject a fake SecurityContext in the dispatcher so that I can test that my security methods function properly?

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You have to add the SecurityContext into the context data map in ResteasyProviderFactory.

public class SecurityContextTest  {

    public static class Service {
        SecurityContext context;

        public String get(){
            return context.getAuthenticationScheme();

    public static class FakeSecurityContext extends ServletSecurityContext {

        public FakeSecurityContext() {

        public String getAuthenticationScheme() {
            return "unit-test-scheme";

    public void securityContextTest() throws Exception {
        Dispatcher dispatcher = MockDispatcherFactory.createDispatcher();
        dispatcher.getRegistry().addSingletonResource(new Service());
        ResteasyProviderFactory.getContextDataMap().put(SecurityContext.class, new FakeSecurityContext());

        MockHttpRequest request = MockHttpRequest.get("/");
        MockHttpResponse response = new MockHttpResponse();

        dispatcher.invoke(request, response);

        assertEquals("unit-test-scheme", response.getContentAsString());
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