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I generate a form dynamically:

form = forms.Form()
form.fields['myname'] = forms.CharField(label=u'My Name')

and then show the form with:

buf = '....<form action="." method="POST">...' + form.as_p() + '...'
t = Template(buf)
v = RequestContext(request, {'form': form})
html = t.render(v)

I could get a bound instance, by changing the first line to

form = forms.Form(request.POST)

before I begin to generate the dynamic form.

However, is there a way to keep the dynamic form generation code as is, and then late bind the form to request.POST data?


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Looking in django/forms/forms.py, you can see how django works. It seems that form data is saved to form.data. Also, if data is not None, then form.is_bound is set to true.

Try using:

form.data = request.POST.copy()
form.is_bound = True
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This is a nifty little trick. Thank you Phil!! –  keithxm23 Jul 26 '12 at 20:48

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