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I have yet to find a good comparison of technologies for accessing Oracle from .Net applications...

Are there significant differences between Microsoft's System.Data.OracleClient provider and Oracle's Oracle.DataAccess.Client? My current company is using both because they couldn't figure out how to return a cursor from an oracle function using System.Data.OracleClient. (I fixed that for them, so that is not a factor) For dynamic sql queries, they prefer to use System.Data.OracleClient as they feel that Oracle.DataAccess.Client is "picky" and causes other problems in general.

Edit: Deprecation of the System.Data.OracleClient types is not a concern

Other than Deprecation of System.Data.OracleClient, are there significant reasons to lean one way or the other for new development?

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Would a comparison grid between Oracle ODP.net and Microsoft Oracle Client help?

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