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For an application that repaints frequently, how should the 'model' notify the 'views' that they need to repeatedly repaint one of their components. This:

class AppLogic extends Observable {
  void runAnimation() {
    while (isAnimationRunning) {

class View extends JComponent implements Observer { void update(Observable o) { o.getData(); innerPanel.repaint(); } }

seems like a terrible way to go about animating a panel, especially if the animation is being repainted most of the time that the program is running. Any suggestions? Thanks.

*Ignore the obvious errors in threading and such

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Assuming that you are building a kind of "Dashboard" application that updates the information periodically, do what this answer says. If you want something more advanced (like animations for a game) you need more work. Check this article for some interesting tidbits about game programming and animation in Java.

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Rather than "running" the business logic, you could use a Swing Timer in the View component and just ask the business model to paint itself, e.g passing the current time as a parameter.

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