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I am just getting started with Rails 3 and I do not quite understand how to go about renaming routes.

What I want:

To rename the path to the users#show controller/action pair. So instead of the URL being www.example.com/users/show/1 it would just be www.example.com/1/home

In the future, I'd also like to be able to add additional paths onto the end such as:


How my user resources are set up:

resources :users, :except => [:destroy] do
  resources :favorites, :only => [:show, :update]
  resources :profiles, :only => [:show, :update]

What I tried:

match :home, :to => 'users#show' 

What happened:

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in UsersController#show

  Couldn't find User without an ID

What's in the development.log file:

Started GET "/home" for at 2011-03-10 13:36:15 -0500
  Processing by UsersController#show as HTML
  [1m[35mUser Load (1.6ms)[0m  SELECT "users".* FROM "users" WHERE ("users"."id" = 101) LIMIT 1
Completed   in 192ms

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound (Couldn't find User without an ID):
  app/controllers/users_controller.rb:19:in `show'

What's in the user controller:

def show
  @user = User.find(params[:id])

  respond_to do |format|
    format.html # show.html.haml

So, apparently it is storing the user id, as shown in the development log as 101 but for whatever reason I am still getting this error?

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

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You should provide a segment key in your match:

match ':id/home' => 'users#show'

But with this renaming you will get not RESTful routes.

Another thing is with user profiles. If one user can have only one profile it's better to declare singular resource routes:

resources :users do
  resource :profile
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That gives a routing error: No route matches {:controller=>"users", :action=>"show"} – iWasRobbed Mar 10 '11 at 19:25
It should work. Can you show your rake routes? – Voldy Mar 10 '11 at 19:37
Here are the relevant rake routes: gist.github.com/864769 – iWasRobbed Mar 10 '11 at 19:43
It looks like it is looking for a show action in the new action of the User controller... ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches {:controller=>"users", :action=>"show"}): app/controllers/users_controller.rb:33:in 'new' – iWasRobbed Mar 10 '11 at 19:58
You have something wrong with your root :to =>. At first place it at the bottom of routes. If it won't help please show your routes.rb. – Voldy Mar 10 '11 at 21:14

I can't explain why it's making that SQL request, but it's not using 101 to look up the user. If it were, you would get this error:

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound: Couldn't find User with ID=101

Since it says Coundln't find User without and ID, then it's probably calling User.find(nil)

Anyway, we're doing something similar in our application, except with names instead of IDs. They are matched at the bottom of the routes file, like so:

match '/:current_region' => 'offers#show', :as => 'region_home'

and then in your controller, you can load the model from the parameter params[:current_region]:

def load_region
    @current_region = Region.find_by_slug(params[:current_region] || cookies[:current_region])

We use it as a filter before a lot of actions, so we define it like so rather than explicitly call it in the show action:

class OffersController < ActionController::Base
    before_filter :load_region

    def show
        # do stuff with @current_region here

You'll just have to change :current_region to :id

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I apologize, but being as new to Rails as I am, looking at your code is just confusing me even more. If you could show me using my code, it would be easier for me to understand. – iWasRobbed Mar 10 '11 at 19:33

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