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I am just not able to get the table indexes to use themselves in this table join :

explain select n.* from npi n,npi_taxonomy nt where n.NPI=nt.NPI_CODE;

Here is the output of explain that i am getting : enter image description here

As you can see, it finds the key in possible_keys column but the key column is empty. Please help.

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that usually means that you do not have anything in NPI_CODE that matches to NPI. Are you sure that table npi_taxonomy is not empty? – Duniyadnd Mar 10 '11 at 20:17
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Your query hits all rows in table NPI and you are selecting all columns from it.
Why would you want MySQL to use an index on that table?

I'm fairly certain that if you only included the column npi in the select list,you would get the desired behaviour.

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why not use explicit joins

SELECT n.* FROM npi n  
INNER JOIN npi_taxomoty nt ON (n.NPI = nt.NPI_CODE)

or use a left join:

SELECT n.* FROM npi n
LEFT JOIN npi_taxomoty nt ON (n.NPI = nt.NPI_CODE)

If the first query returns no result, but the 2nd one does, you have no matches between n.NPI and nt.NPI_CODE.

As a side remark, I find it odd that you would give a field (NPI) the same name as a table (npi). It's confusing.

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