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I am trying to get a simple NServiceBus pub/sub working. Here is what I am trying to do. I am trying to read a message from msmq, and pub publishes the messages to sub, and the sub will insert the messages to sub's queue. (right now, there are all on same computer).

I have a pub and a sub (there are Written as console apps). I also have a Message class, and here it is.

public class Message : IEvent
    public string name { get; set; }


public interface IEvent : IMessage
    string name { get; set; }


And, this is my pub

            IBus bus = NServiceBus.Configure.With()

sub looks same execpt that it has .LoadMessageHandlers().

I understand that you have to handle the message, where do you put the Handle() on sub side? I want to read them and put them into sub's queue.


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The Publisher will handle putting messages in the Subscriber's queue. To handle those messages, you must implement the IHandleMessages<T> interface on a class in your subscriber. NSB will execute the Handle method on that class when a message of that type shows up. For example:

public class MyMessageHandler : IHandleMessages<Message>;
    // do stuff here 
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