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I'm trying to filter with fq for fields having special characters, particularly parentheses. For example, given the document:

<result name="response" numFound="1" start="0">
    <arr name="town_snc">
      <str>Hartford (Connecticut)</str>

I want to do e.g. ?fq:town_snc=Hartford (Connecticut)

I'm not getting any results; I presume that the parentheses need to be escaped, but I was not able to find the escaping method.

Thank you!

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Using the "field" qparser allows you to not have to do any escaping:

fq={!field f=town_snc}Hartford (Connecticut)

Or you can use the normal lucene query parser and use double quotes (but then you must still escape some things like quotes)

fq=town_snc:"Hartford (Connecticut)"

Or you could use backslash escaping too (just remember to also escape the space).

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