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In a previous question, I learned how to indent macros as regular C code on emacs. I just need this because of #pragma omp directives from OpenMP, but I'd like to maintain all other kind of macros, like #if and #endif, indented as the default.

(c-set-offset (quote cpp-macro) 0 nil)

The rule above treats all macros as the same. My question is: Is there a way to specialize this rule?

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If you look at M-x describe-variable c-offsets-alist, which defines a list of variables that represent the syntactic constructs of the various programming languages, you'd only see cpp-macro and cpp-macro-cont which represent macros and continuing macros respectively. The list does not tell between #pragma and say, #if.

So, there is no direct way that Emacs provides to tell #pragma from other directives.

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