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Is it possible to collect billing information and send it to Paypal from a desktop application the same way a webpage normally would?

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Paypal uses the HTTP protocol to communicate. As long as you use that with your desktop application, it will work.

As you can see from this Sample Code page, they are simply using apis to make HTTP Requests (cURL for the php example) to the paypal servers.

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Not sure if this comes in too late for you, but it might help others looking around for similar functionality. I had also been looking around for a way that could let me search through paypal transactions and give me exact numbers about sales and sold products. Then I found PaySketch, which I have been using for a while now, and it has become a part of my schedule to (re)organize marketing and sales efforts based on statistics that I get from the app. I would say that it is a must have for every vendor selling things using paypal

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You can also try developing an adobe AIR application. The application will be platform independant. You can read more here.

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If you want to track your Paypal account from desktop, you can try Putler. It won't let you accept new payments on the desktop, but can show you insightful reports.

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