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I have a Crystal report with a table as a datasource and I want to include another table with details for the report footer.

I have two data sources in the report which are not linked, but when the selection criteria returns no rows from the main table, the results from the non-empty non-linked source are also empty.

I suspect it's doing a cross join between the two datasources, so if one is empty, that joined with another is also empty. The problem is I need my rows from the non-empty table to show in the report footer section, and they're getting suppressed by the other, empty datasource.

How can I get rows from an independent table to show in the report footer when the selection criteria and their parameter choices return an empty result set in the main table?

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Also, I tried using a command as a datasource with sql like this:

select * from waitlist
union all
select distinct null as reportID, null as ..., lastupdated
from waitlist

but it still returns null for lastupdated and suppresses the subreport in the report footer.

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Have you cleared all the links in the Database Expert? –  Barry Mar 11 '11 at 8:30
Yes. I figured out what I needed to do. I'll answer this question with that method. –  Beth Mar 11 '11 at 16:12

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I ended up setting my report datasource to a view which unioned another row to the table. I also needed to change my selection criteria so it allows this row to pass through.

Here's my datasource:

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[vw_rpt_waitlist] AS
select * from waitlist
union all
select distinct 
null as (fields...), 
'reserved' as countyName

and here's my record selection formula:

({vw_rpt_waitlist.countyName} = {?County} or 
 {vw_rpt_waitlist.countyName} = "reserved") and
{vw_rpt_waitlist.reportID} = 14

I'm also suppressing the detail section if there were real rows returned:

formula = {vw_rpt_waitlist.countyName} = "reserved"

and to get the parameterized county name they selected in the page header of the report, I'm using:

dim t as string
dim c as string

if {vw_rpt_waitlist.countyName}="reserved" then
    c = {?County}(1)
    c = {vw_rpt_waitlist.countyName}
end if   

t = "Waitlist by " + {@serviceTitle} + " and Waiver Need Index as of "  
      + cstr({vw_rpt_waitlist.lastUpdated},"MM/dd/yyyy")

formula = t

Since the 'reserved' county always comes through, the subreports are not suppressed.

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