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I'm trying to write a UMDF device driver for a loopback (virtual) joystick device in Windows, similar to the uinput device in Linux.

I'm familiar with C++, C (on Linux) and C#, and the application I'm writing this for, DroidPad, is written in C#. I've already downloaded the WDK and looked at several examples.

I decided to try the UMDF framework as I believe that user-mode drivers don't need to be signed in 64-bit windows 7; this is the problem with the joystick driver currently used by DroidPad, PPJoy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as to developing a UMDF driver for a virtual input device, as well as sending data to the driver from a C# application. Does anyone know of any similar UMDF driver (something similar to uinput)? I also read somewhere that the UMDF framework can be used from C#, how manageable would this be?


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