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I have some code that spawns 5 threads of itself, at a time. I detach those threads, but have a shared variable $THREADCOUNT that I increment at the beginning of the subprocedure that is called by the thread call, and decrement at the end of the thread. When $THREADCOUNT equals 0, I spawn another 5 times.

The problem is, sometimes the thread exits unexpectedly and the $THREADCOUNT never makes it to 0, so the program stops. Is there someway to capture an exit like this and have $THREADCOUNT-- on unexpected exit?

Thanks so much. This is my first post so appologies if it's a little unclear.


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Is the shared $THREADCOUNT variable really necessary? A call to threads->list(threads::running) will tell you whether any of your spawn are still running.

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I can't figure out when anyone would ever want to use detach. I'd use something like

use threads;

my %workers;

sub start_worker {
   my $thread = threads->create(@_);
   $workers{$thread->tid} = $thread;
   return $thread;

sub collect_finished_workers {
   for my $thread (threads->list(threads::joinable)) {
         if delete($workers{$threads->tid});  # Don't assume we own all threads.

sub get_worker_count {
   return 0+keys(%workers);

Note that this fixes the problem in your code where a thread isn't counted as started for a short while after it has started.

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