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Is there any free clients in which I can browse MS SQL Databases...?

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You can try QueryExpress( albahari.com/queryexpress.aspx ),LinqPad( linqpad.net ) too... –  Vinay Nov 28 '13 at 15:18

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Take a look at Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express

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Should get newer version than 2005, in case he/she wants to browse 2008/2008R2 servers. Choose from 32-bit or 64-bit at this page: microsoft.com/express/Database/InstallOptions.aspx –  cairnz Mar 10 '11 at 22:45

Try HeidiSQL http://www.heidisql.com/ - it's open source and does both MSSQL and MySQL. It is very well featured.

(just a note as of Aug 2013 the author is working on MS Azure MSSQL access but it's not working yet)

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A lightweight alternative - which also allows browisng of other databases - is SqlDbx. The Personal Edition is free.

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Thanks, if the studio slows me down ill give this a try –  neolaser Mar 11 '11 at 1:29
Good find. Thanks! –  blackappy Apr 2 '13 at 2:18

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