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I have an android app that I am trying to get a file path for a SAX parser. I have the following structure:

assets:(Where my xml file is)
src(same level as assets)
          androidrss(The calling java file is in here)

I tried several variations of this:

InputSource is = new InputSource("file://../../../../assets/Rss.xml");

But I always get a FNF Exception

Any suggestions?

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You can't use File APIs to get at data in the assets directory when you're running from your APK. You have to use the Android - AssetManager class. You get an instance of the AssetManager class from the Context object. See Context object

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To elaborate on the answer by

InputStream in = getContext().getAssets().open("Rss.xml");
// test that in is not null
try {
    // set up your SAX parser and handler
    parser.parse(in, handler);
} finally {
    try { in.close(); }
    catch (IOException ignored) {}
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Place the xml at /res/raw and open it with:

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I think that should be xmlResourceId instead of xmlName. – Ted Hopp Mar 11 '11 at 3:27
That's true. I will edit. Thanks. – Macarse Mar 11 '11 at 10:29

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