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I'm a keyboard junkie. I love having a key sequence to do everything. What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts?

I'll start by naming a couple of mine:

1 - Alt-Space to access the windows menu for the current window

2 - F2 to rename a file in Windows Explorer

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I mapped some global hotkeys:

  • In Winamp I use Ctrl+Alt+Backspace (same as AltGr+Backspace for me) to Pause. If someone wants my attention while I've got headphones on, far easier to press a couple of buttons than click the mouse on a button that's about five pixels wide.

  • I use Ctrl+Alt+C to run calc.

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In any dialog with tabs, Ctrl-Page Up/Down to cycle between the tabs.

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I am used to setting up shortcut keys to program shortcuts in start menu (standard Windows feature). Once the program is started, pressing such shortcut brings the focus to the window instead of starting another copy.

For example, to pause Winamp I just press Ctrl+Alt+W, C (and I can have it working without tray or taskbar icons).

The only drawback is that some program names start with the same letter so I have to pick up other letters for them. =)

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Not really an answer, but a hint for a good source to look from - if no one cited it above wikipedia has all ( for the most important OS's) - not the best

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Press the Backspace key in any Windows Explorer window (including the common dialog windows) to go up one level in the folder hierarchy. This is a shortcut for a button next to the folder combo-box. Microsoft removed this functionality in Windows Vista and later in order to make Windows Explorer more like a web browser; now the Backspace key operates as a "Back" button. (If anyone knows of a way to go up one level in Vista and later, please comment!)

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F5 to execute seems to be the one I use the most

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I don't have favorites among keyboard shortcuts -- they are all utility entities to me...

Except for +L, which means another coffee break!

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ctrl+alt+del to open task manager
alt+f4 to close window

I've removed the "Windows" key from my keyboard, along with a few other non-standard keys - they're too much of a nuisance.

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