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I'm a keyboard junkie. I love having a key sequence to do everything. What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts?

I'll start by naming a couple of mine:

1 - Alt-Space to access the windows menu for the current window

2 - F2 to rename a file in Windows Explorer

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I don't have favorites among keyboard shortcuts -- they are all utility entities to me...

Except for +L, which means another coffee break!

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Windows right click key, next to the right alt can be very useful.

For the noobs,
tab and shift-tab to cycle through inputs
alt-tab and alt-shift-tab to cycle through the windows
ctrl-tab and alt-shift-tab to cycle through the tabs
ctrl-printscreen to snapshot the entire screen
and alt-printscreen to snapshot the current window
for some dialog windows ctrl-c will copy the message

alt-space then e,p to paste in windows console
alt-space then e,k to mark in console
tab and shifttab to cycle autocomplete in console

Visual Studio
ctrl-shift-f Search in files
ctrl-f Search page
F12 Goto definition of the current word
F2 Rename selected text
F4 Open properties tab for selected
Highlight section and tab or shifttab Indent a block of text
ctrl-k,d Format Document
ctrl-k,c Comment out highlighted text
ctrl-k,u,c Un-comment highlighted text
ctrl-m,o Collapse to definitions
ctrl-m,m Toggle open and close the current method/function
ctrl-alt,l Open solution pane
ctrl-alt,o Open output pane and
of course ctrl-space for intellisense

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My favourites are the following (which I have not been able to spot in the responses above):

  • F12 Save as in Office applications

  • Ctrl + Home Scroll to the top of the page in most applications or go to cell A1 in Excel

  • Ctrl + Delete Go back to the cursor in a Word document or back to the active cell in Excel

  • Ctrl + Shift + End Select a whole table in Excel from its top-left corner. If the table starts at A1, use in conjunction with the above for super speedy one-handed table selecting

It's already been said, but I'm repeating F6 to go directly to the browser address bar because it rocks!

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I haven't seen Ctrl + Z mentioned yet. This one has saved my butt many times. It's the Undo command, which is really useful if you've just deleted a paragraph of text, or accidentally pasted over the wrong segment of code you just wrote.

Others in that vein:
Ctrl + X - Cut
Ctrl + C - Copy
Ctrl + V - Paste

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All those of you that mentioned Alt-Tab and Ctrl-Tab missed out the shift versions too

CTRL-SHIFT-TAB - move one tab back ALT-SHIFT-TAB - move one window back in task switcher

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I mapped some global hotkeys:

  • In Winamp I use Ctrl+Alt+Backspace (same as AltGr+Backspace for me) to Pause. If someone wants my attention while I've got headphones on, far easier to press a couple of buttons than click the mouse on a button that's about five pixels wide.

  • I use Ctrl+Alt+C to run calc.

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Ctrl + Shift + Esc -> Open Task Manager

Ctrl + W -> closes windows in MDIs where Ctrl+F4 doesn't work

Those and the Win + Number is Vista are used constantly.

Also a nice trick is Win + Tab -> cycles through program groups on task bar in Windows Xp and Server 2003. (i.e. same as Vista without the previews).

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Win+D to show the desktop and then Win+D to bring all the windows back again.

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The most "important" shortcut is the Secure Attention Sequence, Ctrl+Alt+Del.

On XP you usually have to enable it otherwise it just runs Task Manager.

While logged in, SAS brings up the Windows Security dialog on its own Desktop, which will get you out of almost anything (such as a hung full-screen DirectX app).

The Task Manager shortcut is now (and always was) Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

(this answer applies to NT4, 2000, XP and 2003. I can't speak for Vista)

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ctrl+alt+del to open task manager
alt+f4 to close window

I've removed the "Windows" key from my keyboard, along with a few other non-standard keys - they're too much of a nuisance.

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