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I am trying to build a SQL query using ActiveRecord methods. The query has a few joins which require derived tables, like this:

(SELECT voteable_id, COUNT(vote) FROM votes WHERE vote = 0 GROUP BY voteable_id) AS example

My problem is that I cannot seem to find a method that would allow me to create an alias for my derived table (here: AS example). My question thus is, is it even possible to build such a query using activerecord methods?

EDIT: just to make it more clear. I have the following methods to build the select statement.

t = Vote # Vote being the table name
t = t.where("vote = 0")
t ="voteable_id")"voteable_id, COUNT(vote)")

but how would I go about adding the "AS" alias?

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You could always use the result of #to_sql:

t = Vote # Vote being the table name
t = t.where("vote = 0")
t ="voteable_id")
sql ="voteable_id, COUNT(vote)").to_sql
t.connection.find_by_sql("(#{sql}) AS example")

The real question is why you need to use an alias. Answer that and we'll be better placed to help you.

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the real reason I am using an alias is because this derived table is part of a bigger query which it gets joined onto. without the alias it does not work as far as i am aware – Will Ayd Mar 11 '11 at 15:04

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